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November 25, 2013
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Don't judge a book by it's cover -With Small Story by BabyChrisFox Don't judge a book by it's cover -With Small Story by BabyChrisFox
A little about Petie: *Taken from his comment" "With the powers of the Babu-Babu no Mi devil fruit. (long story short in the One Piece story I’m working on it’s a fruit that lets you make things more babyish including clothes, weapons, ships, and people… Petie just can’t control it at all so he always has to wear baby clothes since all his outfits turn into them and he tends to accidentally makes infants out of people around him if he's not careful). This is shown by powder white smoke around his victim which is what does the transformation."

-Little Story- 

*Note: The story might change, I sent this to the The_Lost_One of on FA as he wanted help with the story as well, so something may change, I'll keep you all posted if it does, so think of this as a little template for the story* =3 


A few days after the defeat of the “Chu Bandit Brothers”, Petie was taking a

stroll around the harbor before he as his crew set sail once again gathering

supplies. A few hours pass and after gathering all the supplies needed, he

ordered his crew to return the goods to the ship and that he’ll catch up with

them in a little while. While walking, Petie had an uneasy feeling that he was

being followed, he just kept walking, keeping his guard up. At the docks he

was stopped by a Brown Fox, non-other than the Bounty Hunter, Chris.  

“Really?! When I heard that the fearsome Petie was in this town, I was

expecting someone….you know, taller and older.” Chris chuckled to himself.  

“All I see here is a little baby, what’s wrong little guy, did you lose your

mommy?” Petie just rolled his eyes; this isn't the first time he wasn't taken

seriously, he remained silent. “I must congratulate you on your victory on the

Chu Brothers, I still find it hard to believe that YOU beat them, I mean you

look JUST like a baby. My guess is you paid someone to take care of them

for you, didn't you?” Finally Petie spoke, “You know I’m NOT a baby, I’m 14

years old, and no, why would I pay someone to take care of something so

simple, but go ahead, keep talking and I can guarantee I won’t be the only

one who looks like a baby.” Petie grinned. What Chris hadn't noticed while they

were talking; a white powder was slowly beginning to set over him. Coughing,

he tried to fan the powder away, “W-what the hell is this stuff” Shocked, Chris

had notice that he was getting smaller by the second. Petie chuckled,

“Remember when I said I wouldn't be the only one who looks like a baby?

Chris’ eyes widened a little. “Well….” Petie continued, “While we’ll both LOOK

like babies.” Petie grinned once again, “you’ll actually BE a baby, and I’m

thinking 1 year old would suit you just fine.” Chris, now an 8 year old, noticed

something a little….off. His clothes had become a toddler version of his

normal clothing with something soft and poofy in between his legs, soon embarrassment set 

in that he, a 24 year old was reduced to a child by someone who looks like a baby, 

but that didn't last very long, no longer able to stand on his babyish legs, falls to his padded 

bottom, he was the little 1 year old Petie had promised, now only wearing a little sailor shirt and a diaper.

“Wah gah doo?” Chris said in his confusion, eyes starting to tear up, all his memories of 

adulthood were becoming harder to remember and hold on too, and soon only babyish 

thoughts filled his mind.

 Petie, chuckling some more, “Well NOW who looks like a baby. Don't worry little guy, people 

won’t give you trouble over your age like they do me... you look and ARE a wittle one year 

old baby now! Enjoy the diapees, you'll probably be in them for a while.” 

The little fox soon felt the front of his diaper grow warm, and started to bawl. 

This got the attention of a local woman, who picked Chris up, "Aww, what's the matter 

sweetie? Did you lose your mommy or daddy? Come on, let's take you to the daycare center, 

that's where all the lost little ones end up when their found, so they'll know where to look 

for you."

Petie, who was hiding behind a crate, made his exit and continued on his way


Moral of the Story (And as the title says): Don't judge a book by it’s cover. 


ZOMG! Chris was regressed because he was being a mean head and not just being a nice babysitter or out of the blue......not that there's anything wrong with that. =P

This is the 2rd place picture for my little "Regress A Chris" contest I held over on FurAffinity. I might do one on here at some point as well. 

Petie © The_Lost_One over on FurAffinity 
Teddiursa © Nintendo/Game Freak 

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babyTail Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
poor lil Chris
CosmicDragongod Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
See what happens when you be mean plus you so cute.
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acorse those of us forced to be little tend to be the cutest 
alexit02 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
Poor chris I can not imagine how hard it is to remember a lifetime
or even remember anything? o_o
BabyChrisFox Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013   Digital Artist
Yeah, with a baby's mind set it really isn't easy to remember anything at first, let alone your entire adulthood. ^^;
FramolianKing Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great story, really. But I don't get it. how is Chris not being a good babysitter? I'd like to know
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