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Regression Battle Overtime 2 by BabyChrisFox
Regression Battle Overtime 2

So I FINALLY finished this picture. =D As normal just vote for who you'd like to win. =3

Ashly is using magical rings that have the ability to transform the target into a baby...being a regression battle, it's effects aren't a big surprise. =P

Star is using a top secret experimental regression ray gun. And lucky her, she gets to give the gun it's first real test. Will it work, or just backfire? Only time will tell.

Voting on this Regression Battle will end on Monday November 10 @ 11:59 P.M CST

AshlyCoon© AshlyCoon over on FA.

Star© BabyStar over on FA.
Pantsed by BabyChrisFox
Ashly: I bet you're still wearing diapers under those. Hehehe. XD

Chris: N-no I'm naaaah...*Ashly pulls down shorts*....Aaaahh!...

Ashly: Hahaha, I knew it....such a baby! But that's one of the reasons I like ya. X3

Chris is 4 years old in this picture and in Preschool....and yes...he still has some...daytime accidents. >/////< Ashly here is 6 years old and in 1st grade.


Anyway trying some new things out while I try to finish some other art. =3 Just trying to get better and better, push my limits and stuff like that. ^_^

Ashly Coon © AshlyCoon over on FA

Chris Fox © :iconbabychrisfox:
Mall Regression by BabyChrisFox
Mall Regression
Don't you just hate it when you go out to have some fun then all of a sudden you regress....on second thought....things can still be fun. =P

Tried a different shading on this one and I think it looks pretty nice. =3 Anyway just trying to improve my skills while I attempt to finish some art I owe people. Sorry it's taking so long guys, I just want your pictures, as well as mine to look the best they can, thank you so much for your patience.  

© Kimberly-Clark

Baby Pluto © Disney
Happily Regressed by BabyChrisFox
Happily Regressed
For Chris, being regressed isn't something new to him as it happens a lot! While most of the time he's blushy and pouty, there are the times when he's regressed and very happy about it. This is one of those times.

Anyway still trying to get rid of my art block and luckily it seem to be letting up so yay! ^_^ Probably gonna turn this picture into a badge at some point. ^^

Dinosaur background found here:…
The Quiz Master -With Story- by BabyChrisFox
The Quiz Master -With Story-

It was a fine summer day, Chris had left his friend’s house and began walking home. He decided to take a shortcut thru the nearby park. Kids were playing happily on the playground, some couples were having a picnic in the grass and overall everything was just so peaceful. A slight breeze was blowing, causing the trees to sway slightly in the wind. Chris continued walking as was soon approached by a stranger. “Hello there, would you be interested in taking a small pop quiz?” said the stranger. Chris continued to walk, “No thanks….not interested.” The stranger nodded. “I understand….the quiz was probably too hard for you anyway.” Chris stopped in his tracks and proceeded to turn around, “What do you mean it’s too hard for me?” “Oh no, it’s nothing to worry about, my quizzes are pretty difficult. Not many people can finish them.” The stranger explained. “I’ll take your stupid quiz!” Chris said confidently and walked toward the stranger. “But first you gotta tell me your name.” The stranger chuckled, “My name is Krow. Are you sure you want to do this? There’s no backing out once we start.” Chris thought for a moment, “Sure, I don’t see why not.” Krow nodded, “Alright, but you need to shake on it, but just letting you know in advanced should you fail to answer a question correctly….let’s just say your body will start to match your mind.” Krow chuckles to himself and offers Chris his hand, waiting for him to shake it. “What’s that supposed to mean? What is some mystical force going to make me a kid or something?” Chris laughs a bit. “Whatever, it’s not that magic or any of that stuff is real anyway so let’s do this!” Chris reaches out and shakes Krow’s hand. “Alright….” Krow smiles slightly, “This quiz has 3 questions, so let’s begin. First question, at a party, everyone shook hands with everybody else. There were 66 handshakes. How many people were at the party?” Chris thought for a bit, “11?” Krow shook his head. “Oh so close! The correct answer was 12.” Chris then felt strange feeling, almost as if he was younger somehow. “Since you answered that question incorrectly, you’re now half your normal age.” Krow explained to Chris. “Wait! I’m 12 years old now?!” Chris shouted, hearing his now higher pitched voice. Krow chuckled. “Well 12 and a half to be exact, but look on the bright side, at least your clothes shrink with you.” At this point a small crowd formed around the two, curious as to what was going on. “You ready for your second question?” Asked Krow. Chris just stood there for a little, still in shock, then nodded. “Alright, let’s make this question a little easier for you, seeing as you’re younger then when you started.” Krow thought little bit. “Alright, second question, a rectangular chalk board is 3 times as long as it is wide. If it were 3 meters shorter and 3 meters wider, it would be square. What are the dimensions of the chalk board? Chris once again thinks about the problem, knowing his age really is at stake. “Um…..4x4?” Chris once again felt himself getting younger. “Oh sorry, that is incorrect! And with that wrong answer you are now once again half your age, minus 2. So that now make you 4 years old.” Chris just stood in shock once again, some chuckles coming from the crowd. “Ready for your final question little guy? Get it right and you’ll just be a 4 year old, though get it wrong….and you’ll probably be back in diapers.” “NO!” Chris shouted, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” Chris then realized his underwear were now training pants, causing him to blush brightly. Krow shook his head, “Sorry little guy, you shook on it. I told you there was no going back after that, though seeing as you’re 4 years old the question shouldn’t be that hard….so at least there’s that.” Chris began to pout, “FINE!” Chris stood there, waiting for his final question. “Okay, final question, what is 12 times 10?” Krow asked. Chris’ mind drew a blank, when he was older this question wouldn’t be a problem, but now, being only 4 years old this math problem was way above his grade level. “I-I dunno…..22?” Chris waited, and soon felt the familiar feeling of getting younger. “Sorry kid, that’s incorrect.” Chris felt himself get younger, soon he was just 1 year old, his clothing soon vanished leaving him in just a diaper, his wallet remained next to him. Chris look himself over, still slightly in shock over the entire situation and blushing like crazy. A few people in the crowd began laughing at Chris’ situation. “Well, what can I say little guy, I told you my quizzes were difficult, better luck next time…..though next time might be quite some time away, anyway…..let’s get you home.” Krow picked Chris and his wallet up, and headed to Chris’ house.”




Sorry this took so long to finish, also sorry there's no little comic to go with this, it just wasn't coming out that great. So I hope the story makes up for that.^^; 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :iconkrow-san:

Krow © :iconkrow-san:

Huggies © Kimberly-Clark

Mickey and Minnie © Disney


Also if you're interested here's the answers to the questions.

At a party, everyone shook hands with everybody else. There were 66 handshakes. How many people were at the party? 

In general, with n+1 people, the number of handshakes is the sum of the first n consecutive numbers: 1+2+3+ ... + n.
Since this sum is n(n+1)/2, we need to solve the equation n(n+1)/2 = 66.
This is the quadratic equation n2+ n -132 = 0. Solving for n, we obtain 11 as the answer and deduce that there were 12 people at the party.

Since 66 is a relatively small number, you can also solve this problem with a hand calculator. Add 1 + 2 = + 3 = +... etc. until the total is 66. The last number that you entered (11) is n.


2. A
 rectangular chalk board is 3 times as long as it is wide. If it were 3 meters shorter and 3 meters wider, it would be square. What are the dimensions of the chalk board?
A. Let x = width of chalkboard

          3x = length of chalkboard

   Since sides of square are equal,
               3x - 3 = x + 3
                   2x = 6
                    x = 3

   Dimensions of chalkboard:

       width  =  x = 3 meters wide
       length = 3x = 9 meters long


3. W
hat is 12 times 10?

It's been awhile since I last did one of these so.......yeah! =3 Feel free to ask me some questions and I'll do my best to answer them throughout the day. ^_^

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