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NOT REQUEST button thingie by blackstorm I do not accept requests by Nana-Beats Requests stamp by ARTic-Weather

I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT DO REQUESTS!!! So please stop asking! ANy questions regarding requests will be ignOred as I have this message as well as many stamps on my page saying I don't do them. SoRry, but unless you've bEen one of my good friends for awhile, and I feel like doing one, reQuests are off limits to the general pUblic. Sorry if that sounds mean or jerky, but I was USED too may timEs in the past just for my art then have the perSon (who was pretending to be my friend) jusT up and walk away, never speaking to me again. So hopefully you all underStand why I don't do them anymore. Thank you.

NOTE: If you ask me for a request, I WILL say NO or just ignore the question all together, and if you hate me because if it....look at it this way,

  • Chances are I don't know you or I barley even know you, so for the most part making you a stranger.

  • As with the above, you don't know me or you barley know me.

  • Now I know this might sound mean, but I'd rather work on stuff for myself and friends over stuff for total strangers.

  • As said before, I've have too many people ask for requests in the past that I did WHEN I was taking them, and a lot of people pretended to be my friend to get a picture, got their picture and never talked to me again.

Based on that, if you hate me, think I'm a jerk, or anything like truth...I'm FINE with that cos chances are you were just gonna use me for my art as well, because a FRIEND would understand why I don't do these and respect that.

-The Request 3 Strike Rules-

  • 1st time you ask me for a request: I'll let you know I don't do them and ask you to look at my "THIS ARTIST DOES NOT DO REQUESTS" section on my main page. (Also if you're reading this FROM that section, then there is no excuse.)

  • 2nd time you ask for a request: I'm gonna ignore it, the first time should have made it clear I don't do them.

  • 3rd time you ask for a request: You WILL be BLOCKED! No questions asked, end of story.

↑Please don't make it need to come the this, I REALLY don't wanna need to block people.....↑

Thanks for reading. ^_^ Hope this info helps out a little, oh and just in case I wasn't clear at the top.....

Alright? We good? Yeah we good. XD
NO....ReQuEsTs......ಠ_ಠ....I mean it.

NOT REQUEST button thingie by blackstorm I do not accept requests by Nana-Beats Requests stamp by ARTic-Weather


Soooo...looks like last one of theses was like 5 months ago? 0.0 Boy time sure flies.

So lets fix that and do a new one shall we? X3

If you have any questions, can be about art, fairly personal / embarrassing questions, anything. Just ask...though I'm heading to bed now seeing as it's 5:30 am at the I'll reply later, until then, have a wonderful day everyone! =3



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My Furaffinity Page


Pretty much the same as here. =3

Art Related Stuff

:bulletyellow: ART TRADES: Not really, it depends on if I like your art style or if it's very close or equal to my style (Sorry if that sounds jerky, but I don't wanna draw something and get a stick figure in return), or if you're a good friend of mine and I feel like doing one.

NOTE: Send a NOTE with subject "Art Trade" And I'll try to respond as soon as I can. Though please note, I'll normally contact you first if I like your style and wish to do a trade.

Chances of me doing an Art Trade: 50/50 (As said, depends if I like your style and if I have some extra free time)

:bulletred:Commissions: NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

:bulletgreen: Gift Art: This really only goes out to my really good friends I've known for awhile or if I'm really bored and wanna draw your character. These happen out of the blue, so no asking please.

Chances of me doing Gift Art: 0-100% (Though this really depends on when I feel like drawing) (Also, if you ask me for one......not really a gift anymore and thus falls under a request....which I don't do.)


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JaydenPines Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017
Hey, a user by the name of redsox asked me to ask you to unlock him, he says he wishes to apologize, btw I don't know him.
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Nonlotoswhrath Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2017  New Deviant
I need to ask you a question... when is your next regression battle? I'm curios... :3
Nonlotoswhrath Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017  New Deviant
You haven't done Super Smash Bros. D:
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I just adopted you as my care taker MEW!!!!
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